Here is how Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology is impacting our ever-connected data-driven age

Network and application response times are at the core of stakes. In effect, for those who are unfamiliar, DPI support provides enhanced visibility that admins need to compare network and application response times and quickly determine whether the fault is with the network or application.
With DPI monitoring, admins can keep track of the performance and network latency of business-critical applications. Whenever a slowness issue arises, they can compare the network response time (NRT) with the application response time (ART) to determine where the issue is.
The technology provides insightful data such as NRT and ART, traffic, source and destination, and conversation for Layer 4 applications. It offers various reports and options to help you ascertain what is causing the slowness with conversation details.
 These insights help admins identify performance issues at an early stage and control them with traffic-shaping techniques for an improved user experience.

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