Mobile device-reliant Virtual Reality (VR) Vs Virtual Reality Standalone Devices

Market realities converge on the fact that, Low cost and high accessibility has, and will continue to, drive Virtual Reality (VR) adoption with mobile devices and associated Virtual Reality (VR) accessories. However, it is obvious that, a trend toward standalone devices is surfacing.

ABI Research forecasts total Virtual Reality (VR) device shipments will reach 110 million by 2021.  The firm also reveals that, while mobile device-reliant VR shipments, such as Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream dwarf today’s other VR device types, standalone devices will see a 405% CAGR through 2021, compared to a 42% CAGR for mobile VR. New device players, including Royole and Pico, already entered the global market, with many other Chinese manufacturers poised to expand.