Real time Dynamic-3D virtual reality visualisation technology for maritime and other applications

A new momentum at SRT Marine Systems plc who announces the granting of UK Patent 2489685 for its GeoVS Dynamic-3D virtual reality visualisation technology for use in real time marine domain management and display applications.

I can observe that, the patent relates to the unique way that the technology collates and fuses multiple real time sensor data streams (such as AIS, Radar, Tides and Weather) with thematic data from maritime charts and maps and instantly creates an accurate real time virtual reality visualisation of the marine domain through which the viewer can freely move and navigate.
For those who are unfamiliar, Dynamic-3D visualisation provides significantly enhanced real time situational awareness and is an important feature embedded within SRT’s range of advanced GeoVS maritime monitoring and surveillance systems for use in VTS, VMS and MDM applications.

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