Lenovo GameState for kids to code paves its way within the game industry

Always, exciting to narrate about adage. Today I talk about Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls’ slogan: Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls: Change the World by Being Yourself.
Inspired by this motto, I have a pleasure to recall that, LenovoGameState.com as a free, online destination for kids ages 13 and up, it lets kids become part of a Code & Play Adventure, powered by Code Combat, where they can learn to code by playing a game.

I can also observe that, tapping into the STEAM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Mathematics) and “Maker” movements, LenovoGameState.com combines the entertainment of traditional computer games with the educational benefits of real code development, providing an even playing field for girls and boys to learn to code at their own pace.
Players start out learning programming basics like writing syntax, calling methods and storing data in variables before moving on to exploring if-statements, x-y coordinates, Boolean operators and other coding concepts.

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