The most interesting regarding Collaborative Education Platform

At the core of stakes, we have the ability to empower teachers to have meaningful interactions and better insights into student performance.

A Collaborative Education Platform provides an easy-to-use dashboard for teachers to discover content, assess, and analyze student work; and for students to stay organized, submit work, and get feedback in a timely manner.
Teachers evolve from using an archaic formula to a much more holistic approach that assigns a grade to homework, test performance, and understanding individual student needs and achievements.
Teachers also have more insights about each student and engaged in deep conversations about how they could help each other and reach their full potential.
For informational purpose only, Kiddom will use the new capital ($6.5 million in total financing led by Khosla Ventures investment partner Keith Rabois) to build additional products and features to accelerate the company’s vision of building an operating system for K-12 education. Kiddom is designed as a collaborative platform to allow teachers and students to work together effortlessly.