The results of 2017 DevSecOps Community Survey

I have a pleasure to recall that, DevOps is not an excuse to do application security poorly; rather it is an opportunity to do application security better than ever. Development plays an active, early role in application security. For DevOps teams, security controls are increasingly automated throughout the development lifecycle. Automated security practices allow developers to keep pace with the speed and scale of innovation.
According to Sonatype, via the results of its 2017 DevSecOps Community Survey, IT organizations continue to struggle with breaches as nearly a 50% increase was recorded between Sonatype’s 2014 and 2017 survey. 

The survey also reveals that, organizations everywhere are now transforming their development from waterfall-native to DevOps-native tools and processes. Where traditional development and operations teams see security teams and policies slowing them down (47%), DevOps teams have discovered new ways to integrate security at the speed of development. Only 28% of mature DevOps teams believe they are being slowed by security requirements.

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