Video market in the world: TV Everywhere and SVoD Explosion in Europe

Current data and findings from Rethink Technology Research are very interesting. One can then observe that, the European market for OTT subscriptions is growing fast, and can reach €8.1 billion by 2021, a growth of €3.9 billion in just five years from the $4.2 billion it is today.
A report just out called The Rise of paid OTT in Europe from Rethink Technology Research’s OTT service Rethink OTT Intelligence shows that the European OTT market is more diverse and advanced than any other video market in the world, and while it has taken the stimulation of Netflix to trigger widespread SVoD usage, already some 85 million are who looking at paid OTT streams if you include both TV Everywhere (52 million) and SVoD (32 million).
Free to air OTT services in Europe are more deeply penetrated than anywhere else in the world, with close to 50% of the entire population over the age of 12 (216 million) watching free to air broadcast catch-up regularly across the EU countries.
The firm also realized that current forecasts for Netflix in Europe are way too low, and need to be upgraded dramatically. At the end of 2016, 19 million viewers were signed up to Netflix, and this will rise by 2021 to a massive 45 million Netflix subscribers, with a further 17 million taking “other” SVoD subs.

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