Automation, Prescriptive Analytics, and Stronger Security in our ever-connected digital era

For many analysts, emerging technologies including machine learning, AI, Automation, Prescriptive Analytics, to name a few are expected to revolutionize the industries at each level in the near future.

Task automation will increase as data analysis becomes more sophisticated and creative. Automation will allow employees to focus on more complex work that cannot be carried out by a computer, and will reduce overall production and operation times.
Prescriptive analytics recommends the best course of action based on many different factors and objects rather than just estimating how something will perform. Prescriptive analytics goes beyond the realm of predictive analytics and is more cost-effective and efficient.
Security will undergo new innovations as the Internet of Things and big data continue to evolve and their potential security threats and issues are realized. Organizations are now analyzing, collecting, and transferring more data than ever before, necessitating stronger, more flexible security.


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