Cognitive technology is deeply impacting Human Resources

From hiring through onboarding to Human Resources (HR) operations, employee engagement and performance, many analysts and studies converge on the realities that, Cognitive Technology is impacting and will impact key Human Resource functions.
According to an IBM report, Human Resources (HR) executives are already recognizing the impact of cognitive and there are several key areas where cognitive capabilities can be leveraged in the new Human Resources (HR) era.
Cognitive technology is being rapidly developed, deployed and replicated in the HR environment across industries to assist in transforming and enhancing the end-to-end employee experience,” said Susan Steele, Executive Partner, Global Talent and Engagement, IBM Global Business Services.

Cognitive Talent Management solutions save valuable time and improve the employee experience so that everyone can focus on what really matters.
The IBV-SWI report found that within the HR field, there are three areas poised to take full advantage of cognitive computing’s unique capabilities, including talent acquisition and onboarding, talent development and HR operations.