Game-changer strategies indispensable when implementing digital technologies that enhance customer experience,

When it comes to implementing digital technologies that enhance customer experience, the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) recommends the following to ensure a strategy is met with enthusiasm from consumers:
Design digital experiences to meet customer expectations, not your own; Use this transformation as an opportunity to eliminate underlying customer pain points and reinvent customer experience (CX),   from the customers’ point of view, making it faster, easier or more convenient than traditional channels to engage.

Analyze customers’ root motivations, desires and pain points; It is important to recognize the generational differences among consumers, but at the same time, not stereotype individuals simply based on their age. Having a detailed and multidimensional understanding of customers is essential. By applying advanced analytics and cognitive technologies to comprehend both structured and unstructured customer data from a variety of sources, companies can build detailed customer profiles that will help determine the right digital customer experience (CX), initiatives to invest in and the best approach for customer adoption.
Make customer utility and simplicity the core values of digital customer experience (CX), transformation; Customers have already formed ideas about how they engage or transacting digitally with businesses. Executives should conduct thorough research to understand what these expectations are and then iteratively test their digital experience with customers to make sure it is simple to use and gives customers the utility they want.
Design marketing strategies to address specific needs of your customer base When launching a digital customer experience (CX), initiatives, it is vital to clearly promote the benefits that customers value, such as time savings, convenience and faster results. Segmentation and personalization can also be used to attract those customers who aren’t especially motivated to try digital customer experience (CX), by giving them additional communications, demonstrations or incentives to try it out.  


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