A new, Ansible automation-centric approach to multi-cloud management with Red Hat CloudForms 4.5

I can observe that, with Red Hat CloudForms 4.5, organizations can more quickly and easily publish fully automated IT services, providing their end users with policy-controlled self-service lifecycle management of their resources, while maintaining greater visibility and management capabilities for disparate resources.

Red Hat CloudForms 4.5 natively integrates Ansible, taking an industry-first automation-based approach to multi-cloud management. This is designed not only to make Red Hat CloudForms more easily deployable across an organization, but also to provide users with far more readily available integration points, increasing the depth and breadth of automation for their IT service management needs.

For those who are unfamiliar, Ansible by Red Hat is a simple, powerful and agentless open source IT automation platform that enables entire teams to automate repetitive tasks using a simple, human-readable language.


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