Awareness around Blockchain, 5G, Indoor Location, and Autonomous Vehicle Solutions within U.S. Enterprises

If it is clear that, emerging technologies including Blockchain, AI, 5G, Indoor Location, and Autonomous Vehicle Solutions have been positioned as fundamental to the evolution of the enterprise landscape, most businesses remain not aware of the stakes related to these technologies.
In its 1Q 2017 survey of 455 U.S.-based companies in nine vertical markets (retail, healthcare, transportation, logistics, automotive, manufacturing, utilities, consumer packaged goods, and government), ABI Research finds that:
  • 93% of organizations had no awareness of blockchain.
  • 62% of companies had no familiarity with 5G, and only 37% were just beginning to embark on early investigation processes.
  • Only 7% of companies were planning or had autonomous vehicle solutions in play.
  • Despite indoor location being a key component of many IoT solutions in vertical markets, such as retail, only 22% of organizations surveyed were assessing or planning Indoor location solutions.


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