Quartz base materials revenue on exciting curve

For those who are unfamiliar, quartz is used inter alia for semiconductor equipment and wafer production. For instance, the supply chain supports furnace tubes, rings, shower heads, bell jars, boats and other consumable quartz parts.
When it comes to Quartz base materials revenue, Research and Markets reveals that, Quartz base materials revenue has been increasing each year since 2014.
Then, one can observe that, for 2015, the year started with almost double-digit growth in Asia for quartz suppliers, but ended with a slight dip. Healthy growth continued in 2016 although a dip is expected in 2017.

Unimin still dominates the global market for high purity quartz powder, though a credible contender is emerging from The Quartz Corporation in Norway, with around 5% market share and growing.
Research and Markets also reveals that, while most suppliers are addressing the emerging 450mm market, the larger wafers seems to be providing a niche opportunity for Heraeus Quarzglas to better establish itself as a player in quartz supplies.


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