Incorporation of SLAM technology in Virtual Reality (VR) in Education Sector Market

Very exciting to see that, the global Virtual Reality (VR) in Education Sector Market incorporates SLAM technology.
For those who are unfamiliar, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) is a popular and important autonomous mapping and navigation technique in mobile robotics.

This technology was mainly used in NASA robots for creation of unknown environments maps. In addition, given its high accuracy feature, it is used in their positioning devices. According to Research and Markets, 13th Lab, a Swedish company implemented the first SLAM for consumer devices and continues to be the unchallenged leader in this field.

Like other technologies that have improved collaboration and social learning, VR also plays a vital role in meeting students' learning needs. As the technology is personalized, it provides a platform to students to apply their knowledge and learn effectively without the fear of being discriminated.
Virtual content ensure an immersive learning experience to students, who can manage their practical learning based on their level of understanding of the subject.

Among key vendors, we have: Oculus VR, Google, Alchemy VR, and Discovery Communications.


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