High use of GIS solution for soil and water management

GIS technology is steadily impacting every key aspects of living; so that, one trend in GIS market is high use of GIS solution for soil and water management.
For instance, the big data and analytics division of IBM is planning to create GISs for monitoring and managing water supply in Bangalore, India.
IBM works in close association with Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB), a government organization for sewage disposal and water supply in Bangalore, India.
BWSSB, with the help of IBM, is using a center-based solution, which was developed and tested in a software lab in India.
The flow meter helps to view key performance indicators such as flow rate, total flow in 24 hours, and average total flow in a week and its location. The solution also helps to minimize the loss by detecting large changes in the flow through real-time monitoring.


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