Manage Applications across Hybrid Cloud Networks in our ever-connected era

At the core of stakes, we have: availability of high-demand; valuable insight, up-to-date visibility of infrastructure and service performance; we have the ability to efficiently manage applications and services across a hybrid cloud environment.
Also at the core of stakes, a visual map of the underlying infrastructure across a company’s hybrid cloud network; avoid customer service disruption.

Ready-to-use solutions should also be able to help companies prevent and more quickly resolve problems by providing context about the resources that underpin a hybrid cloud network. Provide real-time insights about the infrastructure supporting the new service, such as response time of specific servers and capacity of storage, letting the company know if these assets are meeting customer needs.

It is about giving valuable new insights about what is going on in the network and how it is impacting service quality and customers in real time. Present a configurable topology view that shows the relationships and states of resources both in real time and within a defined time window.


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