Internet in terms of energy consumption

When it comes to Internet, we talk about terminals (Smartphones, connected devices, sensors, computers…), networks (Fiber optic, WiFi, 3G, WIMAX, modem, etc...), Data centers (servers, switch, cooling systems, etc.), software, services, and people who also generate huge amount of data.
In effect, Internet is increasingly huge in terms of users (+ 3 billion), data, infrastructure, energy consumption and economic, and geopolitical power.
Within this dynamic, we have the energy that is at the core of stakes. It is well-estimated that, terminal daily consume 40GW of electricity (the equivalent of 4 nuclear reactors); Data centers consume 40GW of electricity, and networks more than 40GW of electricity.
As you discover, internet is now a huge industry with endless opportunities and power.
Numerous initiatives are underway to reduce the huge consumption of energy. Then, one can observe that, it is possible to make data centers reactive when required by implementing the ‘’stand by’’ option within these infrastructures. Like your smartphone that sleeps when not used.  


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