2017 Indoor Location Testbed Results

When it comes to indoor location solutions, performance is at the core of stakes.
The second Indoor Location Testbed, run at GeoIot World 2017, reveals that indoor location solutions are beating the previously established industry norms in all metrics of performance.
One can observe that, solutions evaluated this year achieved below 2 meter accuracy, in smartphone and in tag tracking, both with BLE beacons and infrastructure-free.
The 2017 testbed evaluated five solutions: One based on BLE tags, four on smartphones. One smartphone solution runs infrastructure-free, one incorporates camera-based image processing, and two blend BLE beacons with motion sensing. (See the videos from the testbed here.)
The testbed evaluation shows that BlooLoc's tag-based solution achieves real-time accuracy better than 2 meters, and accuracy after stabilization under 1.5 meters. GipsTech's infrastructure-free solution also achieves accuracy of under 2 meters. Accuware's solution required less than one hour setup time, drastically less than others.


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