Intelligent transportation technology benefits

It remains clear that, notable challenges remain to digitize, automate, and transform the transportation industry, especially with the very long tail of owner-operators and small fleets.
Their lack of familiarity with nascent technologies such as AR, Blockchain, 5G, autonomous vehicles, AI, and the related ecosystem for transportation technologies is impacting potential adoption.
Transportation providers may view intelligent transportation technologies as solutions to evolve their existing transportation operations versus opportunities for developing new revenue streams & business models,” says Susan Beardslee, Senior Analyst at ABI Research.
In a recent B2B technology survey of 455 U.S.-based companies across nine verticals, ABI Research finds that intelligent transportation technology benefits are frequently linked to promoting workforce collaboration, centralized IT and operations frameworks, as well as workforce mobility.
Primary barriers to adoption include data security and privacy concerns, alignment with existing legacy framework, and associated costs of technology adoption.


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