Poor Data Quality is the Biggest Burden for Salesforce Users

From R&D, marketing and sales, to reporting and forecasting, it is clear that, Data is a key asset for businesses; so that, users should commit to improving the quality of their data in all ways possible.
Recent survey data released by Symphonic Source Inc. finds that Salesforce users believe that significant portions of their dataset are not useful or reliable. Salesforce users say poor data quality is to blame and poses the biggest burden to operational and organizational effectiveness.
The survey found:
  • Almost half (43%) are not pleased or have a neutral level of satisfaction with their Salesforce data quality.
  • More than half (58%) believe that up to 80% of their Salesforce data is not useful or reliable.
  • One in three Salesforce users (38%) count duplicate records, errors, and outdated information as reasons why their data is unreliable.
  • Over half blame poor data quality and lack of purposeful data as the main reasons they lack a complete customer profile.
  • An overwhelming majority (85%) say their biggest priority in the next 12 months will be to start improving or continue to improve data quality by deduping, organizing, and consolidating records.
Duplicate records, errors, and outdated information rank as the top reasons why users struggle with building a trustworthy and fully functional Salesforce org.


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