The Development and Deployment of Voice Enabled Services

Steadily, it becomes clear that, Voice Enabled Services are impacting our digital experiences.
In business, leveraging voice services can accelerate user adoption and minimize the need for training by providing a natural, intuitive interface, enabling business users to effectively do their job without having to be a technologist.

iOLAP’s enterprise voice platform aims to accelerate the development, deployment, operations and monitoring of Alexa Skills in a business environment. The iOLAP Enterprise Voice platform enables iOLAP’s Voice Platform team to quickly implement common persona templates, integrate with database platforms via ODBC/JDBC and third party applications via APIs. 

The Enterprise Voice platform provides core capabilities including the ability to support multiple security models, methods to validate the user experience against best practices, and offers an integrated visual companion to complement the voice experience. iOLAP’s Enterprise Voice is currently developed on Amazon Webs Services (AWS), scales easily, and leverages serverless computing services to ensure a light weight and portable deployment.


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